Entrepreneur star|Hu Xinyi, founder of Boonray Technology: From a Fortune 500 executive to an entrepreneurial talent

2020-06-09 10:59:31

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The character of this issue is No.46 student -- Hu Xinyi


       In the early morning, before hurried staff go to work in Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island, there was a "buzz". A drone slowly took off from the hangar and flew towards the river. Approaching the riverside, an unmanned boat was heading for the position of the drone. There were several plastic bottles floating on the water. After the unmanned boat arrived, the plastic bottles were cleaned up.

According to the park property management, this is the daily River inspection of the island. 

The whole process relies on the mutual cooperation between machines and no one participated in. The same scene is also applied to the park inspection of the Intelligent Island. 

Cameras and intelligent garbage cans are linked with security robots and cleaning robots, which are controlled by the brain of the park. Once problems are found, corresponding robots will be mobilized to deal with them.


This whole intelligent dispatching system of the park was built by Boonray Technology and lately inspected by Premier Li Keqiang. Hu Xinyi, the founder and CEO of Boonray Technology, said that he would like to use science and technology to liberate human beings and benefit mankind.

Zhejiang Cultural Genes, a Destined Entrepreneurship

       Hu Xinyi is from Zhejiang and has been influenced by the stories of the older generation of entrepreneurs who have worked hard to start their own businesses and become successful. So he decided to do two things in his life. One is to create an enterprise with independent economy and support a group of people; the other is to create more value and benefit more people.

Hu Xinyi has been interested in robots since he was a child, and dreamed of doing some work related to robots and intelligence in the future. For this reason, he could have chosen the Department of Computer when he was in university, but he chose Automation College of Mechanical resolutely because the mechanical teacher said that the department of Mechanics could have access to robots in the undergraduate.


Everything was going on smoothly. After graduating from Michigan College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hu Xinyi studied at Duke University in the United States and Karlsruhe University in Germany, and then studied for an MBA at China Europe Business School and obtained an MBA degree.

After graduation, he still carried out his life step by step according to the plan. He worked in Bosch Bosch and Danaher Danaher and other famous enterprises. He did well in foreign enterprises and played golf in his spare time.

In charge of strategy in top 500, he was also a strategic consultant for several private enterprises. He had contact with many private entrepreneurs and was often moved by the entrepreneurial spirit of the older generation. Driven by his spirit and plans, he decided to quit his job in the world's top 500 to start his own business with his brother who is his roommate during college time

His aim is to build a technology company that can be based in the world in the future and benefit mankind through intelligent technology. The company's name is Boonray, an English word coined by itself, which means "the gospel from science and technology".

Because of love, so insist

       After graduation, Hu Xinyi has been engaged in the work related to automation, from factory automation to machinery automation engineering. "Behind automation is intelligence, which is my direction of business. In short, we should let more people liberate firstly and improve the efficiency of the whole society, so that people can have spare time and energy to enjoy poetry and the distance, "he said.


Like all start-ups, Boonray Technology was also faced the same dilemma in the early days. At the beginning of the establishment, there were only five people, most of whom were technicians, and one person held several positions. The start-up capital of the company also came from Hu Xinyi's savings of many years.

At that time, there were no products and no customers, and survival was the primary problem. So he led all the staff to work day and night. On the one hand, they strengthened technology research and development to realize the landing of products; on the other hand, they actively explored the market and sought for cooperative customers.

With the accurate grasp of the industry and precise positioning of the market, the company has realized the product landing of the full set of drone intelligent application system and obtained Angel round financing only one year.

Ensuring safety and increasing efficiency, looking for rigid needs in difficult scenarios

       Although Boonray Technology is in Shanghai, it has experienced tough working conditions, Hu Xinyi said. "Because we don't want high-tech to become a show economy, we want to solve the urgent needs in the moment." At present, the commercial scene of Boonray Technology is mainly in mines and photovoltaic power stations, which are far away from cities. It is common to go into Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai.

"We have seen a mining dump truck reversing to unload on the scene, due to human negligence, the dump truck backed up too much, almost the person with the dump truck fell into the pit more than ten meters!" Hu Xinyi was still in a state of apprehension when he recalled the accident he encountered during his fieldwork. A driver often drives for several hours on the mine, fatigue driving is inevitable. 

Therefore, mine accidents are frequent. The replacement of people by machines and unmanned operation have become the topic of concern.


Incomplete statistics show that the direct and indirect losses caused by mining accidents and occupational diseases are up to 25 billion yuan every year in China, and the accumulated losses have been at least 100 billion yuan since the founding of the People's Republic of China. At the same time, it is difficult to recruit workers, and the rising cost of recruitment also plagues the mining company. Two years ago, Boonray Technology attempted to autonomous mining trucks in a mine in Henan Province.

So far, Boonray Technology has successfully transformed more than 30 mining vehicles into "unmanned mining trucks", and has made them form a fleet, which can cooperate with each other. "Unmanned mining trucks" can also cooperate with the unmanned excavator built in the same period to realize the automatic excavation and transportation, and completely liberate the operators from the dangerous scene. Undoubtedly, the solution of Boonray Technology has opened a new door for mining company to realize safe operation.


In addition to the mining, Boonray Technology has also solved a series of problems under the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station. The installed capacity of photovoltaic power stations in 2018 reached 180GW, and the annual maintenance cost reaches tens of billions. Traditional manual inspection is very inefficient due to its wide area and varied topography. The photovoltaic intelligent inspection system built by Boonray Technology makes use of drone for batch inspection from God's perspective, which is 10 times more efficient than manual inspection.

Cooperate with Ali to expand smart city business


"At this stage, we promote technology and products in the scene of low-density and low willingness to work. After the technology is stable and reliable, we can extend it horizontally to scenes with many people, such as parks and cities." This is how Hu Xinyi describes his business blueprint.

Since 2018, Boonray technology has become a platinum level partner of Alibaba smart city, creating smart city solutions together. At present, the two sides have cooperated in many projects in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City and Wuzhi, Henan Province. Talking about the layout in this area Hu Xinyi said: "In the parks and cities, the requirements for intelligence will be higher. At this stage, we will make a preliminary exploration by establishing cooperation with Alibaba. In such a scenario, We not only focus on liberating manpower, but also thinking about how to make intelligent technology warm hearts. "


On June 25, 2019, the final competition of the 2019 Future Technology City -- Smart City Construction Partner hosted by Alibaba was held in the Dream town of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City. After several fierce competitions, 10 technology companies including Boonray Technology stood out from 144 participating enterprises and became the partner of Future Technology City and Alibaba IOT City platform.

At the same time, Hu Xinyi also entered the second interview of the "track star class" and became part of it (student id No. 46). Through the track star class, Hu Xinyi not only met the elite founders, but also had more in-depth links with various business lines and well-known investment institutions of Alibaba group.

Strive to be a technology leader, the future is more worth looking forward to


Now, relying on the relatively perfect patent management system and a certain amount of technology accumulation, Boonray technology has reached strategic cooperation with a number of science and technology enterprises, and won a series of honors such as National high-tech enterprise in 2017 and "Top 50 Enterprises with Most Investment value in China".

Looking forward to the future, perhaps the theme of a picture on the official website of Boonray Technology can reveal some information: a technological front-running in global robotics. "Ubiquitous robots mean that robots are everywhere. We need to apply robotics to all kinds of mechanical technology, so that machinery can work intelligently. " Hu Xinyi explains.


Up to now, Boonray Technology has served more than 200 customers, achieved sales revenue of nearly 100 million yuan, and create a number of industry benchmarks. Hu Xinyi believes that the most appropriate application scenarios of 5G are drones and unmanned vehicles, which have their own mobile intelligent devices. With the development of 5G network, the comprehensive intelligence of the machine has better support. The good era of Boonray Technology is coming.

Track Star Class

Track Star Class is an accelerator of innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecological field of Alibaba, covering artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, chips, cloud technology, and big data, focusing on 14 industries such as new retail, new finance, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent education, intelligent medical care, enterprise services, and mobile office. Based on Alibaba's infrastructure and ecological resources, the track star class is committed to helping startups develop into industry stars from a high starting point and low cost.

Since the start of the track star class in August 2018,  has successfully held three period. More than 100 entrepreneurs have collaborated with Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Dharma Academy, Taobao, Tmall, Ant, Dingding, Gaode, etc. more than 60 lines of business links, generated 1,000+ business cooperation, tota 130+ media tracking reports, nearly 200 capital participated in, reached 56 investments, and doubled value of 71.8 billion.

It is reported that the fourth phase of the track star class will be launched soon. Leave a message in the background or scan the QR code below for more information.



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