Boonray Cloud Central Platform Architecture


Connectable IoT Devices


Core Function
  • Equipment Management
    Equipment Monitoring Equipment Control
  • Project Management
    Based on the combination of equipment, personnel, resources and permissions
  • Daily Tasks
    Real-time Tasks
    Planning Tasks
    Interactive Tasks
  • Data Management
    Equipment History
    Task History
    Business Operation History
  • Member Management
    Member's Authority Distribution and Daily Management
  • Upper Application Customization
    Defining Terminal System in combination with Customer Business
  • Our Advantage
    0Cost IoT

    1 hour quick access to equipment

    Containerized rapid deployment

    Internet of Things devices available online are ready to use

    Customers no longer need to do any development

    Quickly upgrade to IoT technology solutions

    100%Personalized Customization

    21 days fast customization

    Exclusive model customization service

    Exclusive industry business logic customization

    Various third-party system docking

    Client style exclusive customization

    Big data center display interface customization

    Various algorithms can be freely selected and combined

    System service support
  • 7x24 hour technical support
  • 2-week version iteration
  • Provide offline training guidance regularly
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