Autonomous Driving Technology

Autonomous Route Planning

Using Boonray's automatic driving algorithm, engineering vehicles can plan autonomous routes in all-scene and all-weather terrain, and use the best route to achieve efficient and safe operations. Vehicles use terrain models and vehicle models to predict future behavior and avoid unsafe situations in advance.

3D High-precision Modeling

Boonray Technology uses multiple types of external sensing sensors and integrates intelligent algorithms into sensor data fusion, which can accurately and efficiently establish 3D models of various terrains and scenes. Through cloud database management, these 3D models can allow autonomous vehicles to quickly access and continuously improve database information.

Automatic Adjustment

Vehicle systems and other collaborative systems need to be properly adjusted and connected to achieve excellent performance. Boonray is studying to allow construction machinery vehicles to automatically improve related collaboration systems during the execution of tasks, and automatically learn to adjust the parameters between the systems in an intelligent manner.

Obstacle Recognition and Classification

Through the use of multiple sensors, data for obstacle recognition and classification can be obtained. Let construction machinery vehicles learn these data from objects and the environment is just the beginning. Boonray’s research will combine various three-dimensional models and various system data, through the establishment of network connections between vehicles, mutual information transfer, thereby improving vehicle behavior and mechanical cooperation.

Collision Avoidance

Through V2V communication, the information exchange between vehicles is realized. When vehicles from different roads pass through the same intersection, decision-making algorithms can be used to prevent collisions when vehicles meet.

Speed Guide

Through the automatic driving algorithm, guide the vehicle to receive various information about the surrounding traffic environment in advance, and through the pre-judgment of the information, guide the speed and route of the vehicle forward, reduce the vehicle's sudden braking, dwell time and the number of starts and accelerations, and help the vehicle Energy saving and emission reduction, reducing the wear of the vehicle itself and tires.

Priority Access

In an emergency or according to production scheduling needs, let vehicles on the priority route interact with vehicles on other routes to achieve orderly priority traffic on the intersection road.

Ubiquitous Robotics

Boonray Technology can provide the best solution in a variety of mechanical cooperation.

Industrial Internet of Things Technology

Boonray Technology provides a full-stack solution that integrates software and hardware to create a "cloud brain" that assists various scenarios in operational decision-making.


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