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   Boonray is a global leader in ubiquitous robotics technology, dedicated to empowering traditional industries through automated driving and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, providing enterprise-level intelligent operational solutions to help clients improve management and operational efficiency by freeing up manpower.

    With an industry-leading full-stack technology team, Boonray has used innovative software and hardware technologies in both Shanghai and Hangzhou to create an unmanned operation platform that includes an automated driving algorithm, intelligent driving controller and cloud-based intelligent monitoring and dispatching system, which is easy to deploy on a large scale. The platform can be combined with a variety of mobile equipment, including mining trucks, construction machinery and drones, to create a single intelligent equipment and at the same time realize the interconnection and cluster intelligent operation of multiple equipment.

    Through collaboration and innovation with our customers, Boonray has already realized commercial landing in many scenarios such as unmanned transportation in mines, intelligent inspection in photovoltaic power plants and intelligent distribution in parks.

  • Venture50
    Chinas Most Valuable Investment in 2017
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    Core Patents
  • Thousand Sails Action
    Shanghais Key Support Enterprise
  • Boonray Culture
    boonray Culture
  • Our mission
    Technology creates intelligent world
  • Our vision
    Become a global respected technology company
  • Our perspective
    Customer first, innovation, common growth and teamwork
  • Founder of Boonray
    boonray founder
  • Jacky Hu
    Founder and CEO
    UMich, SJTU joint Institude
    Member of the GEARE, KIT
    MBA, CEIBS / Duke University
    "Thousand Sails Action" Young Entrepreneurs
    2018 Shanghai Excellent Young Entrepreneurs
  • Yang Yang
    Co-founder and CTO
    Doctor of Robotics, SJTU
    Shanghai Science and Technology Award
    Tan Kah Kee Youth Invention Award
    Yangcheng Lake Technology Leading Talent
    Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star
  • Boonray Growth Road
    boonray course
    July - established in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Committed to the liberation of human resources through intelligent and innovative technologies.
    December - created a precedent of standard for photovoltaic power-station inspections with domestic UAVs.
    March - became the third authorized SDK developer and industry application partner of DJI in China.
    June - the launch of the "Boonray Intelligent UAV Ground Station" application promoted change in unmanned aerial vehicle data acquisition industry.
    October - won the Million Dollar Angel Wheel Investment.
    April - released and distributed photovoltaic power plant UAV roof survey software which was unveiled at the 2017 International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition.
    5 月,发布“伯镭云”,开启无人机采集数据处理云服务
    November - placed in the top 50 of Venture50's list of the most valuable enterprises for investment in China.
    December - jointly with ZPMC, Boonray released a fully-automated UAV inspection system for the port machine.
    July - won the Zhangjiang 895 Entrepreneurship Camp as the third place in its sixth quarter, and won a 23seed multi-million-dollar investment.
    August - hosted as a guest speaker at the Global Drone Industry Innovation Conference " Airwork 2018".
    September - became a Platinum-class partner of Alibaba Cloud IoT smart city, and worked with Alibaba to help build a smart city.
    November - the Boonray Intelligent UAV Inspection System was installed in the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City, and was inspected by the President Xi Jinping.
    December - "Boonray Cloud v2.0" was released, which supports multiple-application scenarios and made data acquisition and application entirely human independent.
    9月,荣获2019 SLUSH SHANGHAI 5G应用组大赛冠军


    Shanghai Headquarters Address: 6F, Block B, Building 1, No. 800, Zhangjiang Naxian Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

    Tel: 021-58212107                              Post Code: 200124

    Address of Hangzhou Branch: Building 9, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou

    Contact number: 0571-87562630       Zip code: 311121


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