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Global leader in ubiquitous robotics
  • Autonomous Driving
    Level 4 autopilot full-stack technology enables full-scene, all-weather, all-round depth perception, high-precision positioning, decision planning and intelligent control.
  • Ubiquitous Robots
    It is a service that combine different types of robotics through network cooperation to achieve services that are difficult to be completed by a single robot, mainly to solve the problem of multi robot cooperation.
  • Industrial Internet of Things Technology
    From the "cloud-to-end" software and hardware integrated full-stack development technology and data mining and analysis technology, to create a "cloud brain" that assists scene operations.
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Persist in innovation and use technology to liberate manpower
Industry Solutions
Artificial intelligence empowers industry upgrades
  • Boonray Technology has launched an integrated solution of "world and earth, multi-device collaboration" in the intelligent mining solution. From...
  • Boonray Technology applies intelligent technology to the full life cycle management of photovoltaic power plants, and the management efficiency has...
  • Urban public space management is one of the core issues in the construction of smart cities. Relying on the Internet of Things, artificial...
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