Boonray Technology "Intelligent-Drive Systemm"

Autonomous Driving for L4 level in Limited Areas
The system includes three core modules of self-developed autonomous driving algorithm, on-board sensing control unit and cloud monitoring and dispatching system independently developed by Boonray. It can be adapted to most off-road vehicles on the market, has good compatibility, and has remote system upgrades. Ability to continuously upgrade more autonomous driving functions in the future, suitable for more application scenarios.

Provide User Companies with a Comprehensive and Upgradeable Intelligent-Driving System

Covering Algorithm + Software + Service

Autonomous Driving Algorithm

Vehicle Intelligent Unit

Cloud Monitoring and Dispatching System

Cloud Monitoring and Dispatching System

Monitoring, dispatching, management together, enabling automatic driving vehicles!

The system includes PC terminal, mobile terminal, vehicle terminal and large-screen display, which can coordinate and dispatch the entire mining machinery from the cloud. The system realizes the functions of global path planning, intelligent scheduling, mixed formation management, equipment maintenance forecasting, mine safety monitoring and visual report through the bee colony algorithm. At the same time, the system can also set up electronic fences, establish real-life three-dimensional maps and perform high-precision GIS positioning, and conduct effective operation and management of mining areas in all directions.


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