Industry Pain Points
  • The mine environment is bad and accidents happen frequently
    15-19 fatal accidents in coal mines-904;
    The number of deaths in coal mines from 15-19 to 1791;
  • Poor working environment in mines and difficult recruitment
    Poor mine environment and high risk factor
    Drivers are seriously aging
    Difficulties in recruiting young drivers
  • Chinas mining operations are backward
    Extensive mine management and chaotic historical operation data management
    Management efficiency is low, operation data is difficult to monitor
  • Solution
  • Autopilot System
  • Remote Control System
  • Shovel Cooperation System
  • Cloud Shovel Monitoring System
  • Vehicle-road Synergy
  • UAV Modeling System
  • Internet of Vehicles System
  • Simulation System
  • Function:
    Optimal path planning
    Autonomous driving
    Automatic loading and unloading
    Autonomous obstacle avoidance
    Emergency takeover
    Three-level security guarantee
    Multi-sensor fusion sensing
    VGIN high precision positioning
    Emergency takeover
    One machine with multiple controls
    5G communication
    360 look around
    Remote operation
    Active warning
    V2X real-time communication
    Automatic alignment
    Path planning
    Fault report
    Global path planning
    Electronic fence
    Real three-dimensional map
    Intelligent scheduling
    Operational data statistics and analysis
    Bee colony algorithm
    Mixed formation
    Equipment predictive maintenance
    Security monitoring
    Road warning
    Traffic Command
    Information Service
    Environmental monitoring
    Autonomous flight
    HD oblique photography
    Automatic 3D modeling
    Automatic update of basemap
    Earthwork estimation
    High-precision positioning
    4G/5G communication
    Vehicle condition monitoring
    Data storage black box
    Suitable for various car models
    Fleet Management System
    Dynamic simulation engine
    Multi-scene simulation test
    Algorithm functional test
    System stability test
    Algorithm training upgrade
    Speed up algorithm iteration
    Solution Advantage

    kk.png  Security: Three-level security strategy.

    kk.png  Precision: Multi-sensor fusion sensing.

    kk.png  Efficient: The overall operating efficiency is increased by 20%.

    kk.png  Stable: 60,000 kilometers of accident-free operation.

    kk.png  General: Matching with a variety of models.

    Case Studies
    Standard Meal
  • UAV Mapping Kit
  • Autopilot Package
  • Cloud Management System
  • Remote Control System
  • 4DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drone

    Centimeter-level positioning accuracy High-performance imaging system
    Hovering accuracy: vertical: ±0.1m; horizontal ±0.1m
    Maximum tolerable wind speed: 10m/s (level 5)
    Maximum flight time: 30min
    High-precision RTK GNSS: GPS (L1/L2); BDS (B1/B2)
  • Self-driving Mining Dump Truck

    Driverless 5G
    Self-developed autonomous driving control algorithm
    GPS+RTK centimeter-level high-precision vehicle positioning
    Multiple Surplus Sensing System
    V2X Intelligent Networking
  • Mine Three-dimensional

    Intelligent vehicle scheduling management
    High-precision 3D map
    Personnel Management
    Vehicle monitoring
    Intelligent dispatch of minecarts
  • Remote Control Cockpit

    Payload: 200KG
    Attitude angle range: ±9.8°
    Angular velocity: 20°/S
    Angle error: 1°
    Vertical travel: 150MM
    Power: 2.4KW
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